Potos Village

Within the last decades, the village of Potos has evolved into a beautiful seaside resort appealing to vacationers of all tastes. Potos used to be the seaport of Theologos, a mountainous village designated as a historical community. The natural beauty of Potos is its greatest attribute. White sandy beaches and crystal blue water! The beach is within walking distance of any part of the village and so you can go for a swim at any time day or night! Beautiful natural surroundings create lovely scenery.

A part of the local beach is organized and customers usually have free access to sun beds and umbrellas. The pedestrian zone with a wide range of restaurants, local taverns, cafés and bars extends alongside the beach. The owners and staff are always more than happy to serve you. During the day, tourists and locals cash in on the fine weather and go to the beach for a swim. As the night falls, people meet at the cafés and bars for a drink or cocktail. The cosmopolitan atmosphere of the nightlife prevails with music and dancing. As the day goes by, the village is adjusted to the needs of people of all ages and nationalities. Accommodating the needs of tourism is, after all, one of the most prominent qualities of Potos!


Thassos Island

Thassos is one of the most beautiful islands of the Aegean. You can easily reach the island by ferry from the central port of Kavala.

The island’s flora has an amazing variety and therefore parts of the island are designated protected areas. The mountainous landscape spread with fir-trees, pines, olive-trees and aromatic herbs harmoniously blends with the beauty of the crystal blue sea and sandy beaches. 

Local history dates back to the Prehistoric era and the island is spread with remains of ancient civilizations. You can go sightseeing or visit places of historical interest and, of course, the Archaeological Museum of Thassos. If you are interested in finding out more about the island of Thassos, there are many reference sources available.

Renowned writer Vassilis Vassilikos is a native of Thassos (Potos, Theologos) and often elegantly describes the island of Thassos and the village of Potos in his works: 

"When God was an innocent young child, he used to play with mud. Unlike other children who enjoyed making hollow ovens, he decided to make a ball of mud that would be more solid and tough than other children’s ovens. This is how the Earth was made. As God tried to give the Earth a round shape, though, a tiny particle of mud slipped through his fingers into the sea. And this is how the island of Thassos was made…" 

"An island spread with pines, olive trees and thyme reaching the seaside"

"Such a lovely island …The guardian of the gulf of Kavala. What a beautiful strip of fine sand sweeps round the beaches!"

"Lotus (i.e. Potos) is the sugared heart of a candy made of sun and sea"

"A village nestling between the foot of the mountain and the arms of the sea"